Mythology Trivia
Mythology Trivia
Mythology Trivia
Mythology Trivia

Mythology Trivia

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Enter the realms of gods and goddesses with this beautiful portable Mythology Trivia set!

With 140 mythological trivia questions in a gorgeous and compact eco-friendly box, MYTHOLOGY TRIVIA puts your knowledge of the world's mythologies to the ultimate test! These multiple-choice questions cover worldwide myths and folklore—from gods and heroes to magical beasts and monsters.

ABSORBING AND VARIED QUESTIONS: This bright box is filled with 140 trivia questions that explore mythologies from various cultures all around the world!

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Entertain all ages with the fun and unexpected mythological trivia questions in this set.

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: The portable box is the perfect size to throw in your bag to take to parties, a friend’s house, or on a field trip.

A FUN AND INCLUSIVE GIFT: Perfect for anyone in search of a culturally inclusive mythology game!

EXPLORE THE ENTIRE SERIES: This game is part of the GAMES ROOM TRIVIA series, a collection of elegantly designed, geometrically patterned small boxes filled with engaging questions for lively trivia, conversation, and endless laughs.

ECO-FRIENDLY BOX: Comes in FSC-certified packaging made from a mixture of materials sourced from responsibly managed forests and recycled materials.

Perfect for:

  • Trivia enthusiasts
  • Mythology enthusiasts
  • Gifts for family and friends