1pt®  Infusion Vodka Lover Kit

1pt® Infusion Vodka Lover Kit

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Everyone has a favorite spirit, right? Whether buying for family and friends as a gift, or simply stocking up the bar at home, our 1pt Vodka Lover Kit delivers is the perfect choice for any vodka lover! Three (3) hand-picked 1pt Infusion Blends (Citrus, Rossa, and Bloody) designed to elevate your favorite vodka cocktails with our carefully crafted all-natural blends of herbs, spices, florals, botanicals, and teas. Equipped with our high-durability lab glass 1pt Infusion Bottle and reusable, gold-finish, stainless-steel Tasting Straw, you’re ready to start crafting simple bar-quality cocktails at home. Infuses 36+ cocktails. Simple "kitchen pantry" recipes included!