Embers Candle
Embers Candle

Embers Candle

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  • For those that relish the smell of a cozy, smoky-essenced fireplace, reminiscent of freshly ignited logs or a big bonfire in the woods. Opulent top notes of Charred Cedar, Smoked Birch, Burnt Pine, with heart notes of sweet Mandarin and Juniper Berries, and a finale of spicy Bengal Pepper Vessel: Saphire Blue Glass With Matte Gold Logo

  • Vessel: Emerald Green Glass With Matte Gold Logo.

    • Weight: 10 Ounces

    • Approximate Burn Time: 70 Hours

    • Scent Family: Wood

    • Gender: Unisex

    • Size: 4"H x 3 1/4"W

    • Wax Base: Our exclusive and botanical blend of natural soy, coconut oil and organic beeswax

    • 100% Cotton Wick

    • Hand-Poured

    • No Animal Testing