Velvet Boudoir Soy Wax Melts

Velvet Boudoir Soy Wax Melts

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Savor our scents in a new form without the flame. All you need is a wax melter/warmer and a few editions of our wax tarts to release their sensory magic: our original scent concoction AND a mesmerizing wax pool of glimmering gold & pearl sparkle. Our sleeve of 12 soy wax tarts holds 3.2 oz of wax — more than the standard 6-pc clamshell mold, which typically holds 2.75 oz.

After years separated by war and duty, two lovers reunite. They meet at the boudoir, sultry and sumptuous with rich fabrics and candlelight, the air filled with sweet plum, black cherry, sugar, musk, chamomile & freesia.

Scent Family: fruity, warm + spicy

Key Notes: plum, black cherry, sugar, musk, chamomile, freesia

Made with 100% soy wax.

Fragrance oils are phthalate-free and cruelty-free.